Autonomy: A Zine about Social Issues

Autonomy: A Zine about Social Issues

spread design, book cover design, illustration, photography

The Zine, titled "Autonomy" is a collection of articles written, designed, and illustrated by students in Voice '15 class at Washington University in St. Louis. 

For the Zine Spring 2015 issue, I contributed an article about Sanju, a young Indian girl who was sold to a carpet factory at the age of 11 and later rescued by a GoodWeave worker. Using photographs of a child's hand and illustrations of knots, I want to show the invisible pressure on the young labors who were tortured physically and mentally. The book cover was inspired by the included articles, each of which was assigned a symbol that represents its theme.

Special thanks to: Sarah Birdsall (Instructor and hand model); Sam and Nora (hand models)