A Wayfinding Solution for Grace Hill

UX Research, Design Thinking, Wayfinding


Grace Hill Settlement House is an active settlement house in St. Louis, whose mission is to provide social service and build a support system for families in need. They have two locations, one in the North of St. Louis and another one in the South. The North location, known as the Water Tower Hub, housed several services for both children and their families. These services spread across the hub and due to the lack of a wayfinding system, newcomers often have problem navigating through the building. Water Tower Hub also shares space with a branch of St. Louis Community Credit Union Bank, which often has high foot traffic from surrounding neighborhoods. However, a lot of the bank users are unaware of other services offered at the hub.


Our purpose is to (1) improve the wayfinding system both inside and outside the building and (2) encourage bank users to learn about other services at Water Tower Hub. Since the location is used by different groups of people, each with different purposes, we created personas for each group and carefully tailored the system to fit their needs.

As part of the research, we interviewed officers working at Grace Hill, the users of the space, and created a Journey Chart to compare the navigation before and after our redesign.

Research model uses: 5E model, KWHL model, & AEIOU framework among others.


I worked on the interior wayfinding system. A few pieces can be viewed below. The whole system is detailed in our Process Book.

For more details, read the process book below or use this link.

Team members: Chanel Luu Hai, Abhi Alwar, Andrew Pandji & Kat Makepiece