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rottenMANGO: A campaign

Research, Branding, Web design, UI design & Prototyping, Print design

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What is rotten MANGO?

MANGO is a high-end fashion company based in Barcelona who has not paid a full and fair compensation for the victims of the Rana Plaza accident happened in 2013. I created rottenMANGO as an attempt to retrieve the long overdue compensation from MANGO. The campaign includes two magazine ads, a website and an iOS app.


Can you explain the Rana Plaza accident?

Rana Plaza was a large eight-story building in Bangladesh, that housed five garment factories for many well-known brands, including MANGO. On April 24th, 2013, it collapsed while 3,000 garment workers were inside and at least 1,138 of those were killed and 2,500 people were injuired. Many of the survivors were no long able to find jobs, or were deeply traumatized. Since then, only a few brands have made contributions to the victims and their families but they need a lot more to rebuild their lives.


What can I do to join the campaign?

There are two ways you can help, and you can always do both. The rottenMANGO app was designed specifically for instagrammers. You can take pictures, edit them and use our collection of rottenMANGO stamps for your instagram photos. Or you can sign the petition on our website:  www.rottenMANGO.com.